Who We Are

Who we are

Established in accordance with the first basic law for tourism in Egypt, Law 85 of 1968, the Egyptian Tourism Federation is a non-government, not-for-profit, non-political organization, with a primary responsibility to shepherd the common interests of all enterprises offering services within the tourism industry.

Powered by the collective strength of the five affiliate business associations –Hotels, Travel Agents, Tourist Establishments, Commodities, and Diving and Water Sport services (see below) – the Federation works in close partnership with the Ministry of Tourism, other government divisions, and national and international organizations, to establish an essential climate for growth and sustainable tourism throughout Egypt. Particular concentration is directed toward industry planning and matters related to development, such future investment measures include human capital development to ensure the workforce is enhanced at the highest international standards.


As advocate when legislative measures are being introduced or changed, the opinion of the Federation must be taken by government before such measures are presented for ratification before the Egyptian Parliament.


Affiliate Associations

The Egyptian Tourism Federation is a union of elected industry members from five tourism industry business associations:

- Egyptian Hotels Association (EHA)                                      30 persons

- Egyptian Travel Agents Association (ETAA)                       30 persons
- Egyptian Chamber of Tourist Establishments (ECTE)        25 persons
- Egyptian Chamber of Tourist Commodities (ECTC)           15 persons
- Egyptian Chamber of Diving and Water Sports (CDWS)    25 persons

Together, these 125 members along with an additional 4 persons appointed by the Minster of Tourism form the General Assembly of the Egyptian Tourism Federation.


Vision Statement

The Egyptian Tourism Federation is to become the ultimate reference for the tourism industry, setting its policies in order to maximize tourism yield and boost national economy.

Mission Statement

  1. Achieve ongoing tourism development while safeguarding Egypt's heritage - acknowledged as unique in the world.

    2. Strengthen potential competition by improving the quality and development of tourism resources and services.

    3. Maintain the equilibrium between elements within tourism development and the general national plan.

    4. To preserve cooperation between the tourism chambers, their members, and with partners from effective bodies.

    5. Due to globalization, sustain a balance between local tourism bodies and international relations.