Egyptian Tourism Federation…



Welcome to the Egyptian Tourism Federation (ETF).


The only official entity that represents Egypt's collective tourism businesses, the Egyptian Tourism Federation plays an integral role in the stability of the nation's current tourism industry and helping steer the way to a limitless future.


Tourism is one of Egypt's largest industries with an immense impact on the country's workforce and economic contribution – Employing some 2.83 million professionals and generating an average of 11.3% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) with receipts in 2011 valued at USD 8.7 billion.


To ensure Egypt continues to welcome guests, offers value for money and witnesses an increase in the global market share, it is important for us to remain on the pulse with all aspects related to the industry. The Egyptian Tourism Federation provides a professional, national and internationally recognized platform for the five tourism associations and their individual stakeholders to come together as one force to resolve issues affecting services and business development, and introduce initiatives that will benefit each company, the industry as a whole and in turn the economy.


The Egyptian Tourism Federation - working in solidarity with a core philosophy to provide service excellence for the ultimate holiday destination and memorable life experience…